Baby Clothes Project

Project start date: July 2016


Thanks for visiting our baby clothes project page. Most of the other projects that we are involved in are paid for directly out of the profits from operating the Inca Trail. We don't accept financial donations and in the last few years we stopped taking donations of second-hand clothing, mainly due to the fact that many of the donated items were not really suited to the local culture and it was almost impossible to satisfy individual tastes and sizes even when distributing thousands of items. However many of our clients have made it clear that they really want to participate in something that is going to help people in the mountain villages and also help in a project that is relatively easy and not too expensive. We have therefore decided to ask our clients to bring a couple of baby clothes in their suitcases when they come to Peru and drop them off at our offices. When we have enough items we'll distribute them to expectant mothers at medical posts in some of the villages as well as the Antonio Loreno Hospital in Cusco which specifically serves women from rural communities. If the project is successful we hope to be able to carry out such distributions every 2 months.

Distribution of over 500 items of baby clothing that clients dropped off at our office between July & December 2016.

What type of baby clothing is best?

1. We require only new clothing. Please do not bring second-hand clothing.

2. Baby bodysuits & sleep-suits are really what we're looking for, for ages between newborn and 18 months. Long-sleeved or short-sleeved are great. Pyjama sets for 12 months - 2 years are also great. We've included some photos below of typical items. Cheap and cheerful is what we want, expensive designer brands are not required.

3. Multi-packs from supermarkets are ideal, you won't believe how cheap the non-branded packs cost. In the UK a pack of 3 short sleeved baby suits costs from just £3.25 at Tescos! Asda, Sainsbury and even Marks & Spencer offer similar deals. In the US a pack of 4 short sleeved baby suits costs from as little as US$8 at Wallmart.


Why baby clothes?

1. they are small, light and don't take up much room in your bag. Bringing just 1 multi-pack is perfect.

2. If we keep to simple baby suits then it should be fairly easy to distribute these items without any problems. Not everyone will get exactly the same item but items will be similar enough to prevent any dissatisfaction.  Plain white, pink or blue items are ideal. We could wrap the items and put the age and sex of each item on the parcel and let the mothers select, this would allow us to distribute the items without showing any favouritism.

3. In the western world we tend to use these baby clothes for a few weeks or months and them throw them out. In Peru these items will be cared for and one baby suit is likely to be passed on to several babies and only thrown out then it is worn out and can't be repaired.

4. Baby clothes are very expensive in Peru and sold on an individual basis. Prices can be more than 10x more expensive compared to the supermarket multi-packs.

5. Everyone loves babies, they're cute and lovely and even better when they're not yours.


Other Instructions




Not only is the post in Peru unreliable but often we are asked to pay a customs duty to collect the items. This duty can be more than the value of the items! We can only accept items brought personally to our offices. You will be asked to sign a donation book listing your donated items.


We will donate the items, obviously for free, to pregnant women and women with small babies at medical posts & clinics in the mountain villages and also at Antonio Loreno Hospital in Cusco. The items will be handed personally to these women. There may be rare occasions where we leave some items with these institutions for later distribution. We will mark all items with a permanent marker as "donation" to prevent resale of these items. We are more than happy that you mark your own items to prevent theft and possible resale. Maybe writing your name, country or initial on the back of each item with a permanent marker. You could also put your name and country on the bag/packaging.


Distributions so far ...


Between July & December 2016 our clients dropped off more than 500 items of baby clothing. These items were distributed over a period of 3 weeks in December 2016 to the National Hospital and the Antonio Loreno in Cusco. Both hospitals are for patients without health insurance and facilities are very basic particularly Antonio Loreno Hospital which caters for people from the smaller village communities around Cusco and sick and premature babies.


Next planned distribution ...


Probably in May just before it starts to get cold we plan to distribute all clothing received to date to several clinic in the Ausangate region as well as some items to the Antonio Lorena Hospital in Cusco.



Thank you so much for participating in this project, your donations will be warmly welcomed.

Examples of the types of clothing that we are looking for:


All items below come from Tescos Online but all supermarkets offer something similar.

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