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Although tourism plays a vital role in contributing to Peru's economy and providing employment many people and communities aren't sharing in any of the financial gains. Ever since Peru Treks was first established we have been helping to spread some of the benefits brought by tourism to local people by setting up a number of different community-based projects. Between 2003 and 2016 we have undertaken more than 230 donations of school & sports equipment to rural schools in the mountains within a 4 hours drive from Cusco, mainly in the remote Ausangate region (see map). We also undertake projects at Tiracanchi, a small isolated village on the way to Paucartambo as well as projects in the communities in which our porters live. We have also been involved in some larger projects such as school construction. 95% of our projects have been paid for out of Peru Treks profits. However, many of our clients have asked us to run a project that they can participate in. Therefore starting in July 2016, we are asking our clients to bring a few baby clothes with them when they come to Peru. We'll then distribute them directly to expectant mothers in rural hospitals and medical posts. For more details see below.


A summary of our various projects is given below. Please click on the relevant link to see more details and photos.


Thanks for all your continued support.


Baby Bodysuits and Pyjamas (started July 2016)

We are asking our clients to find a little bit of spare room in their suitcase and pack a couple of baby clothes such as bodysuits and pyjamas. We'll then distribute them to expectant mothers in the mountain villages

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Warm Blankets (started July 2016)

Blankets are currently being bought and we should be ready to distribute more than 300 Polartec blankets to children at 3 schools in the Ausangate region - likely to be in mid-June

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Distribution of School Equipment

Every year Peru Treks donates and distributes school equipment packs to schools in the Paucartambo & Ausangate regions of Peru. Each pack consists of an exercise book (100 pages, square ruled), plastic folder, 2 pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, ruler, packet of crayons (usually 12 crayons in each packet) or packet of coloured pencils depending on age of children. The cost of each packet is about US$4 We will also donate general items such as boxes of plain paper (white A4 photocopier type), card of various colours, paints and brushes, ballpoint pens, encyclopaedia, books, dictionaries, educational posters and additional crayons and coloured pencils. Between 2005 and 2011 we managed to distribute school equipment packs every year to more than 2000 children from 15 schools mainly in the Ausangate region. In 2012 we found that a large international charity was visiting many of the schools before us and distributing their own school supplies so we reduced our donations and now only continue to distribute school equipment packs regularly to just 4 schools. When we first started distributing school equipment we started off in the regions of Chinchero, Ollantaytambo and Lares Valley. Most of the schools in these areas regularly receive donations of school supplies from NGOs working in the area as well as a couple of other tour operators.

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Second-Hand Clothing  (2003 - 2012)

From 2003 until 2012 we carried out more than 50 distributions of second-hand clothing, many of these distributions included more than 1000 items of clothing. However in recent years we have decided to stop this project for several reasons. Buying the second hand clothing was getting more expensive and receiving donated second hand clothing in our offices was becoming a bit of a health hazard! When distributing the clothing in the villages it was almost impossible to ensure that each person got something their size and something that they liked! Western taste is a bit different from fashion styles in the villages and there was also the impact on local clothing markets and traditional culture. We have therefore decided to donate warm blankets and baby clothes instead - see projects above.

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School Computers (2009 - 2015)

We have donated 50 new computers to secondary schools and colleges in the Ocongate & San Salvador region.

Many children in the mountain communities have never had access to a computer. When we talk to the teachers in these village schools the one thing that they are desperate for is computers. Between 2009 & 2015 Peru Treks has donated 50 new computers and LCD monitors together with useful software, antivirus, voltage stabilizers and 1 years free technical support. We have also helped with improving security measures for storing the computers in some of the schools.

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School Construction

In 2005 we built a school for 60 children in the remote community of Checaspampa near Ausangate. Since then we have continued to support the school with school equipment, sports shirts, second hand clothing and we even paid for a teacher for nearly 2 years before the local council agreed to provide this resource.

In 2006 Peru Treks donated US$5000 to a local non-profit organisation to build a kindergarten for 30 children in the village of Umuto, near Ccatca (between Cusco and Ausangate). In 2007 Peru Treks donated another US$5000 to this non-profit organisation to build another kindergarten in the small community of Pampallacta close to Chahuaytire (between Pisac and Paucartambo). A group of our clients donated an additional US$2500 to this project which was completed on November 2007.

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Tiracanchi School Promotion (every year since 2006)

Every year since 2006 we have paid for a group of 20 to 25 school children from the remote village of Tiracanchi to take a 3 or 4 day educational visit. The tour includes a visit to Cusco and surrounding attractions and usually a few days visiting either Machu Picchu or the Islands of Lake Titicaca (which is their destination of preference). Many of the children have never left their village before, never spent a night away from home, never been on a bus, never eaten an ice-cream, pizza, the list goes on.

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Andean Homestay Project (ongoing)

We've been running our Andean Homestay project for more than 10 years

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Donation of Sports Shirts & Equipment (ongoing)

We've made around 25 donations of sports equipment to schools in the Ausangate and Paucartambo region as well as to some of the schools in our porters communities. We mainly donate sports shirts in team colors and always a few footballs and volleyballs. Football is commonly played by both girls and boys and many schools have a girls football team.

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Porter Football Tournament (every year in February)

Every year Peru Treks organises a one-day football tournament between all of our porters, cooks, guides and office staff. Usually held in February when the Inca Trail is closed the tournament is a large social event where the porters bring there families. Its very competitive and often a chance for the porters to seek revenge on the guides and office staff. Peru Treks hires the stadium in Cusco and lays on a large BBQ and drinks. We also help towards the cost of team shirts together with local sponsors.

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Christmas Presents




Non-Projects but a big help to the Peruvian economy all the same


Every year Peru Treks pays more than US$250,000 in taxes to the Peruvian government

We know that paying taxes in Peru shouldn't really be considered as a community project. Sales tax is included in the price of our treks so, in reality, its our clients who are paying this tax. So thank you. Because Peru Treks is registered in Cusco and doesn't work with any travel agents either in Peru or overseas it means that all of the tax that you pay stays in Peru. If you buy your trek with an overseas travel agent your tax stays in the country where you bought your trek and it doesn't contribute towards the Peruvian economy. Many Peruvian tour operators who operate tours for overseas companies don't have to pay sales tax either. Peru Treks is one of the biggest contributors of tax in Cusco - since the only product that we sell is the Inca Trail it means we have to buy a trek permit for every single one of our clients from the government - they know exactly how many clients we have each month so there's no escaping this tax even if we wanted to! US$250,000 is no small amount and since schools, teachers and hospitals are all funded by responsible companies paying their share of their taxes we would like to think that your money is making a substantial contribution.


Every year Peru Treks pays more than US$350,000 in Inca Trail trek permits

Again, this isn't a project as such but it is worth noting that we have to buy a trek permit for every person who does the Inca Trail. Only a very small percentage of this amount actually goes towards maintaining the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu or improving the facilities, we wish it was a lot more. Obviously a lot of it is eaten up in administration and local government overheads and some of the money does go to fund other conservation projects in the Cusco region but a very large percentage does make it back to central government in Lima.


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