Inca Trail Trek Permit Status

Inca Trail Trek Permits


date updated 13 April 2018


Unfortunately we don't have the resources during this very busy time to contact you all directly to confirm that we have successfully bought your trek permits so please check this page regularly for updates and confirmation that permits have been purchased (detailed information on a month-by-month basis can be found below). However we will contact you immediately if we have a problem.


* The government has decided not to allocate the campsites at the time of buying the trek permits as it has done in previous years. At the moment we understand that the campsites will be allocated just 3 days before trek departure and the campsite Winay Wayna will be allocated to the largest sized groups rather than on a first come first served basis. This means it is possible that some  of our groups may have to camp at Phuyuptamarca on the 3rd night of the trek.


April - September 2018

All trek permits successfully purchased for all clients. All Inca Trail trek permits have now sold out for all dates during these months


October 2018

We have bought trek permits for all clients who have made a booking and paid their trek deposit before the 11 April 2018. For deposits received after this date trek permits are being bought on a need-to-buy basis.


November 2018

Permits are being bought on a need-to-buy basis.


December 2018

Permits are being bought on a need-to-buy basis.



Please note that we won't be buying all trek permits immediately. We will buy permits for dates that we think will sell out immediately or for dates where remaining trek permits numbers are very low. We will then buy permits on a need-to-buy basis (see Question 23 of our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more details). If you still need to know if we have bought your trek permit you can always email us and we'll try to respond as soon as we can.




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