School Construction

Checaspampa School, near Tinqui, Ausangate (Opened March 2005)


Peru Trek's first school construction project started in 2005 with a new school building for 60 children in the community of Checaspampa near Tinqui in the region of Ausangate. Construction of the walls commenced in October 2004 and the tiled roof was completed in mid-December. The school was opened on 20 March 2005. The local community provided the general labour force and Peru Treks & Adventure donated all of the construction materials (approximate value US$6000) as well as paying for the skilled tradesmen such as carpenters and plasterers and transport of material from Cusco. Peru Treks paid the wages for a professional teacher for this school from April 2005 until June 2006. The municipal council now pay the wages of the teacher and have officially adopted the school. Peru Treks continues to provide school equipment each year.


Checaspampa is a small community about 30 minutes drive from Tinqui (near the mountain of Ausangate) followed by a further 45 minute walk up into the mountains. Tinqui itself is about a five hour drive south-east of Cusco. The community is made up of about 50 families whose main income is derived from selling wool from their herds of sheep, llamas and alpaca. The weather at this altitude is very severe and very few crops grow. The previous school was a small dark building 4m x 5m with a straw roof and with one school teacher. The new school is 21m x 5m, has two classrooms, a teachers store, tiled pitched roof and wooden floor, piped running water taken from a nearby mountain spring and serve 45 children from ages 6 to 16. . Some of the children attending this school have to walk up to 2 hours each way to attend classes.

Apart from providing construction materials, transport and skilled labour for the new school Peru Treks & Adventure has provided new tables and chairs and school equipment and continue to help the school in the future. Maybe one day one of our trekking guides will come from this community!

Umuto Kindergarten, near Ccatcca (Opened November 2006)


This is a joint venture with the Dutch NGO HoPe Foundation. In early 2006 Peru Treks donated US$5000 to HoPe (the estimated cost for building the school and separate toilet block with running water). Construction started in August 2006 and the school was opened in November 2006. In the last 5 years the HoPe Foundation have built over 30 schools in the mountain villages surrounding Cusco. They have a professional team of managers and engineers that have plenty of experience in building schools and involving the local communities in the construction work. They also have a lot of patience when it comes to working with local authorities and dealing with the associated bureaucracy (which allows Peru Treks to get on with the business of operating treks!!).

Pampallacta Kindergarten, near Chahuaytire in the mountains behind Pisac (Opened November 2007)


We are very grateful for a donation of US$2500 from John Doherty and friends who trekked with us in May (the donation was paid directly into the HoPe foundation account). The HoPe Foundation is a local Dutch-run NGO that specializes in the construction of schools in the mountain villages. Peru Treks donated an additional US$5000 to the HoPe foundation and the total US$7500 was used to construct a Kindergarten, toilet block, and repairs to the Primary school in the community of Pampallacta.

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