Warm Blankets

During the winter nights (June, July & August) in the mountain villages temperatures can drop to just below freezing, similar to what you would experience on the Inca Trail. A typical home in a villages in the Lares Valley or in the Ausangate region is built from adobe blocks made from mud and straw with thatched or ceramic tiled roofs.  The adobe blocks have good insulation properties and when its sunny during the day the adobe blocks heat up and, at night when its colder, they slowly release the heat keeping the house warmer. There is obviously no central heating apart from an open fire. Electric heaters are too expensive to run. However in recent years there has been more cloud around during the day and the adobe blocks aren't heating up enough during the day. If its cloudy for even a few days in a row the temperatures in the houses can drop considerably - its basically like your house in the winter with the central heating turned off. Therefore the addition of a few more blankets is always welcome particularly the softer Polartec blankets which can be used under heavier coarse blankets that most of the villagers already have. Polartec blankets also have the advantage that they wash and dry quickly. Each blanket costs around US$12. In 2016 we plan to distribute 300 blankets to a couple of schools that we regularly with. More details will be provided soon.

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